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The Difference Between Hope & Guilt

Many things struck me while watching "Par Avion". I couldn't land on just one for this post so here is this week's list. There should be plenty to talk about!
  1. Claire's discovery of the truth about her father resonated with me. Don't we all discover rattling truths about our family of origin as time goes by? We've chatted this one up before.
  2. The introduction of the topic of the ethics of life support brought on by the conflict between Christian Shephard and Claire over coffee. We haven't hit on this yet but I'm sure we could talk this one to death!
  3. Claire's touching newfound appreciation of her mother which was brought on by her own pregnancy. The way tears of remorse represented a cleansing of Claire's guilt towards the end of the episode.
  4. Finally, Christian Shepherd's statement, "There is hope and there is guilt. Believe me, I know the difference." I love the way this statement encapsulates the fine line between hope and guilt that practically all of the survivors on the island are walking. Surely it is a line that all of us walk as well.

Not-So-Little Mister Sunshine

"Hope is never stupid. You have to make your own luck." By faith, Hurley begins to believe that the island is ready to turn things around for him and his friends. He took the return of Sawyer & Kate and the discovery of the VW Bus as signs that things were starting to look up. He didn't just sit back and wait for more good fortune to wash over him. Instead he took the initiative to embrace and pursue hope. For Hugo & the boys, hope was found in a simple and daring moment of fun.

Since the episode was a little lighter fair this week, let's bring a little levity to the blog. Does anyone have examples of how a moment of fun brought a ray of hope into a seemingly hopeless situation? What are some suggestions of fun things one could do this week if they, like Hurley & Charlie, needed to snapped out of a funk?
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