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I always find Jack's flashbacks interesting. This week we see that he was told by Achara that she perceives him to be "a leader and a great man" whose greatness causes him to be a "lonely and angry" person. She marks him with a tatto that (on the show) is translated to read, "He walks amongst us, but he's not one of us." Jack says, "That's what they say. That's not what they mean."

So what do they really mean? What is the implication about Jack that is being communicated by the seer's reading of him? Clearly, something about Jack keeps him from belonging. What are your roadblocks to belonging? Have you ever felt like a "stranger in a strange land" no matter where you go?

Choice vs. Destiny

Desmond's trippy flashback episode served to highlight the ongoing LOST theme of destiny vs. choice. The events in Desmond's life have left him with a strong sense of destiny that is far from that which he would have otherwise chosen. Based on what we've seen, what would you say are the roles of destiny and choice in Desmond's life? How have you seen the two played out in your own life?

Giving Life

Juliet's skills, courage, and passion allow her the unique privilege of participating in the conception of human life as a fertility researcher. As she gives life to others, it seems a curious trade off comes into play...Her own life slips away. Her work makes the dreams of others come true but what about her dreams? Has she sacrificed her own life for the cause of giving life to others? Is this how it has to be? What have you lost for the sake of finding something for someone else?
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